How this book was created?

Working together with the Truth that lies within each and every one of us

This book was not written by me. It has rather been the source for my guidance. The conversations that you can follow in the book have been taken place with Truth. And they have been written down from the recordings during the channelling sessions. My role in this book is to let go of my problems.

It all began with my agony. I was done with fighting against my fears and conflicts. I was willing to face my fears through forgiveness. The whole process is about willingness to forgive.

Creating this book has been working together with the Truth. I gave it a try. And the Truth heard me. I believe that if we are willing to become aware of things, we will be helped. This has been cooperation which each of us will be going through, sooner or later.

As stated in the introduction of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), ”This is A Course in Miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary.”

The free will doesn´t mean that you could determine the curriculum. It only means that you can choose what you want to study during the certain period of time.

The statement in the introduction doesn´t mean that reading the book itself is obligatory. It rather implies that you will find the path marked out by the book. We all have the same function. It is to forgive yourself and the past experiences.

Necessity only means that along the way, each and every one of us will feel pain so strongly that eventually we are tired out to put the blame on ourselves, or others. In all this, the only way is forgiveness which is not forced, either. None of us can forget the love they have experienced. Therefore we are longing it so deeply within our mind.

If we want to show mercy to ourselves and others, we need to learn to forgive. This means that we are able to forgive those with whom we feel anger and bitter. Doing so we also forgive ourselves. It is up to us to choose when to quit the path of misery. Forgiveness and mercy will fade the pain away. They will melt even the thickest ice.

If you know mercy only in theory without practising it, there is no mercy. There is only guilt. No matter if you put the blame on yourself, or on your nearest and dearest. Guilt resides in the world of fear. And being in there, you are refusing to believe that “I can also experience love that I have always missed”.

The world was created of a thought, scarcity and fear. Of an idea of escaping the Love of God, of a need to find a refuge from God. We hold a belief in our mind that we were abandoned by Love. But we are mistaken. The only purpose of this world is to find a healing in all our relationships. That will take place within each one of us, it will happen by seeing our brother with a vision of Christ.

The meaning of life is to forgive the experiences of being rejected. To forgive for having turned out yourself, for having exploit yourself, without a better understanding. For wanting only to survive in the world, without knowing that this is not our permanent home. Without understanding that there is a world of mercy, a world of gratitude, a world of joy.

This book is a book of self-therapy. By reading it and practising it you can find peace of mind. The book is mainly a practical book that you can use in your everyday life. Since, the choice can be made in every moment, and the willingness to see the life situations with the Truth is always there. You can make that choice, instead of trying to analyse them all alone, and somehow trying to cope from a day to another.

Give yourself a chance to remember your innocence. It can be found in this book and put to use. It doesn´t mean that you will have to learn yet another role. It rather means that finally you will be given an understanding to perceive yourself as a perfect creation of God, right here, right now.

This self-therapy book is also guiding the reader to a better understanding of the teachings of A Course in Miracles. And to face their inner self. The source of his book is similar to the source of ACIM.